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Translation services by a native French speaker
with over twenty-five years of professional experience in the United States

English <> French

Translation: A Strategic Tool

Understanding foreign language documents, a key component on the international platform, can prove a major hurdle for anyone wanting to cross borders. To ensure accuracy and efficiency, VMH Translation offers a strategic tool: a fast, affordable and professional translation service.

VMH Translation uses the latest technologies and CAT tools for better project management and terminology consistency across customer-specific projects or fields of expertise (technical, legal, etc.). Translations remain true to the original, respecting the content, form, style, and terminology of the entrusted documents while ensuring smooth reading. Confidentiality and deadlines are strictly observed.

Véronique M. Haour

Véronique M. Haour

Freelance Translator

  • Freelance translator since 2007 (direct clients, IGOs, NGOs, agencies).
  • Twenty-five years of professional experience in the United States in the management and sale of television rights worldwide, the legal field, and the management of a translation and interpretation agency.
  • In-depth linguistic knowledge of French and English, backed by a profound, first-hand understanding of the culture, history, customs and business practices of both countries.
  • Educated at La Sorbonne in Paris and UCLA in Los Angeles.


  • Translation
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Adaptation
  • Bilingual Abstracts and Detailed Summaries
  • Creation of bilingual glossaries
  • DTP (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)

Areas of Expertise

International Organizations
(intergovernmental and non-profit)

Country evaluation report, country assistance strategy, risk and impact assessment, project financing, grant procedures, sustainable development and environment, health surveillance and information systems, health metrics, hunger and poverty eradication

Business, Marketing and Advertising

Articles of incorporation, bylaws, charters and codes, financial reports, business proposals, bids, company profiles, lean management (theory, practices & tools), corporate and marketing brochures, newsletters


Contracts, media, business, corporate, litigation, insurance, labor, family, immigration

Film and Television

Agreements (artists, production, coproduction, distribution, etc.), scripts, treatments, copyright


Website content, brochures, administrative forms, resumes, training materials, user manuals, celebrity interviews, literary documents


The cost of a translation is based on the following criteria:

  • the number of words contained in the source document (the text to be translated)
  • the complexity of the subject matter and the research involved
  • the technicality of the terminology (legal, technical, economic, financial, etc.)
  • the format (doc, xls, pdf, ppt, html, etc.)
  • the deadline

When a source document is not available in an editable electronic format, the final cost is based on the number of words contained in the target document (the translated document).

Useful Information

Translation tips, jargon and such.


I work back and forth between Santa Monica, California and Nîmes in Southern France where I am currently.

For all questions, please contact me at the following:

For a free estimate, please be sure to include the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Company
  • Source Language
  • Target Language
  • Project Description
  • Deadline
  • File to be translated